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Variable Speed Controller Voltage Regulator AC 110V 220V 15A 4000W

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  • Compatible with AC 110~120V or 220~240V input, 15A max, the output voltage is 0-120V when the input is 120V, and the output voltage is 0-220V when the input is 220V.
  • Fit for excitation motors, power tools and resistive loads, such as fans, hand-held routers, electric kettles, electric stoves, electric soldering irons, etc.;
  • The maximum power of connecting inductive loads (such as fans and routers) is about 1500W, and the limit power of connecting resistive loads (such as electric furnaces, heating wires) is 4000W;
  • The shell is made of strong, light, black PVC material, with multiple ventilation holes around it, the universal socket on the side is compatible with plugs of various specifications;
  • Note, the above mentioned 4000W refer to the maximum power when working under ohmic load. The inductive load is 1/3 of the ohmic load. So it can only be used with devices within 40-2000W.


Input voltage: AC 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Output voltage: 0-110V(110V input), 0-220V(220V input)
Normal current: 10A
Max current: 15A
Maximum output power: 4000W
Material: plastic
Weight: 0.62lb
Dimensions: 4*4*2in

1.Some motors do NOT support voltage regulation (for example, single-phase motors, dual-value capacitor motors, asynchronous motors, pumps, etc. are NOT supported.)
motor-type equipment can only be adjusted:
1): without the capacitor fan
2): power tools: hand drill, angle grinder, electric screwdriver, etc.
2.The input voltage is 0-110V, then the output voltage is 0-110V.
The input voltage is 0-220V, then the output voltage is 0-220V.
So both 110v and 220v can be used as the input voltage, But both cannot work at the same time. And it Input alternating current, the output is also alternating current, not direct current.
3.The measurement of the output voltage in the empty state is a virtual voltage. It must be connected to a load of 40W or more to measure the correct output voltage.
4.The above mentioned 4000 W refer to the maximum power when working under ohmic load. The inductive load is 1/3 of the ohmic load. The ohmic load relates to the tungsten light bulb, the heating wire, etc. The inductive load relates to the series exciter motor. There are electronic products for printed circuit boards that are used with caution.

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