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PWM 7-70V 30A DC Motor Speed Controller

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7-70V 30A PWM DC Motor Speed Controller Switch Regulator

  • Parameters and structure: 7-70V wide voltage, 30A high current, designed for multiple use scenarios, three-stage propulsion switch corresponding to run/stop/brake. The flexible cable for adjusting the potentiometer adopts a detachable structure, and the cable length is about 6 inch(15CM);
  • Circuit: Optimized stable circuit, wide duty cycle adjustment range, smooth adjustment of the motor, no noise and vibration, with power indication, suitable for long-time work;
  • Components: Using high-performance high-voltage MOS tube, three 100V high-frequency low-resistance capacitors and automotive fuses, accurate parameters, easy to replace;
  • Material: The hollow aluminum shell has good heat dissipation, and can effectively protect the internal circuit and prolong the service life;
  • Attention: The profuct only used to control brushed DC motors, not brushless motors, need to connect a DC power supply, direct connection to AC power is prohibited.


  • Applicable voltage range: DC 7-70V (70V is the maximum operating voltage please leave margin while using)
  • Drive current: Maximum 30A(Current need to reduce relatively while working voltage is high)
  • Recommended control power: 12V within 300W ; 24V within 400W ; 48V within 450W ; 72V within 500W
  • Adjustable duty cycle range: About 1% -100%
  • PWM frequency: 12KHZ


  1.  Need a wider speed range.
  2.  Need fast dynamic response process.
  3.  Automatic smooth transition is required during acceleration and deceleration.
  4.  High torque is required when low speed operation is required.
  5.  Good excavator characteristics are needed, which can automatically limit the overload current to the set current.
  6.  It is a DC Motor Speed Controller, not a Voltage Controller.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
works great

does exactly what i need---control the speed of a small 12vdc motor turning a mandrel.

Smooth and stable control

It can stably adjust the speed of my 500W brushless motor, so cool.