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L&Z DC Motor Speed Controller PWM 6-90V 15A

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      • Applicable voltage: DC 6-90V wide voltage, support PLC control, 16kHZ PWM frequency;
      • Applicable current: 8A rated/long-time working current, 15A maximum current, 1000W peak power;
      • Digital display and adjustment knob: Accurately adjust and observe the percentage range of voltage, multi-speed stepless, 0-100% PWM output;
      • Safety protection: The light and hard sealed shell effectively isolates potential safety hazards, with cooling holes on both sides. Built-in 15A ceramic arc extinguishing fuse;
      • Attention: Only applicable to brushed motors, please use DC power supply and connect the positive and negative poles correctly, direct connection to AC power is strictly prohibited.

      Different voltage input and matched power range:

      • DC 06V≤ 60W DC 12V≤120W
      • DC 24V≤240W DC 36V≤360W
      • DC 48V≤480W DC 60V≤600W
      • DC 72V≤720W DC 90V≤900W

      Applicable scene

      1. Need a wider speed range.
      2. Need fast dynamic response process.
      3. Automatic smooth transition is required during acceleration and deceleration.
      4. High torque is required when low speed operation is required.
      5. Good excavator characteristics are needed, which can automatically limit the overload current to the set current
      6. It is a DC Motor Speed Controller, Not a Voltage Controller.

      Customer Reviews

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      works well but detail missing

      The M- and B- cannot share a ground connection. Otherwise, the controller cannot regulate, goes FOT (full open throttle.) The power source must be floating electrically. This is not a common requirement for more expensive PWM controllers, but probably true every low cost controller sold on Amazon, and may affect systems where the source powers multiple circuits. 4 stars for operating well, minus one for failing to let us know this critical requirement.